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                          學術報告 :Research and Development of Magnesium Oxychloride cement (MOC) and Fibre Reinforced MOC

                            報告題目:Research and Development of Magnesium Oxychloride cement (MOC) and Fibre Reinforced MOC

                            報告嘉賓:Associate Professor Yixia (Sarah) Zhang






                            Dr. Zhang is an Associate Professor from School of Engineering at Western Sydney University (WSU). She was awarded the PhD on Structural Engineering from the University of Hong Kong in 2001, and she obtained her Bachelor degree on Engineering Mechanics and Master degree on Solid Mechanics from Tianjin University in 1992 and 1995 respectively.

                            Dr. Zhang has a strong expertise in Computational Mechanics and advanced numerical methods and modelling techniques. Her research areas includes the characterization of material and structural behaviour using advanced numerical modelling and experimental technique. Her research interest in recent years is on advanced materials and novel application of advanced material in structures. Since 1998, she has published over 230 peer-reviewed scholarly research papers including more than 80 research papers published in top leading international journals in the areas of Composites, Construction and Building Materials, Computational Mechanics and Structural Engineering. She was awarded the Spitfire Defence Memorial Fellowship in 2011 and was received by the Australian Governor in General for her research on impact-resistance construction material. She has been awarded over 35 research grants with over 2.5 million Australian Dollars, including several ARC funded projects such as ARC discovery projects.



                          Magnesium Oxychloride cement is an environmental friendly green cement made of by- products from magnesium mines. It has superior material properties such as high compressive strength, and has early gain of strength. However, MOC has poor water resistance and its mechanical strength degrade rapidly under water attract of long exposure in moisture, which has limited its application. In this seminar, A/Prof. Zhang will introduce the research and development of MOC and in particularly the recent break-through research outcome in her research team in developing the water resistant MOC and fibre reinforced MOC.

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